Terms and Conditions

By having access to our site and use of our services you accept the following terms and conditions without limitations or qualifications.

1. Copyright

Unless otherwise stated, all contents included on this Site are the property of Reliable Software Systems Pvt Ltd. The compilation of all contents on this Site is the exclusive property of Reliable Software Systems Pvt Ltd.

The service names Fox, FoxTrader, Falcon7, Trend7, DAS, RDAS and logo of Reliable Software are the property of “Reliable Software Systems Pvt Ltd”. You are not permitted to use or reproduce these trademarks for any reason.

2. Restrictions on use

To use our services, you explicitly agree

a) that you are not in any of the following areas of business.

  • Real-time Information Publishing / distribution.
  • Stock Market related software development.
  • News Agency.

b) that none of the reports, query results, chart images or any data you receive through our service will be published or distributed (for a fee or without fee) without explicit written permission from us.

c) that you will not use the service to extract data for using it in another software/app or service.

If you do so or in case it is brought to our notice from a third party, it will amount to breach of terms and conditions of service & we reserve the right to suspend the services in whole or in part without further notice.

3. Normal use

To use our services, you agree that

  • You will download all service upgrades, application patches, new data files etc. as and when prompted.
  • You will take adequate security measures and backups before downloading our application and data files.
  • That you will not share your account details with others.

4. Free Service

  • Our back office staff shall provide free telephonic support, video support , online chat and remote support.
  • Free visit by our representative will be limited to the setup and one session of training in cities where we have support staff.

5. Refund/Suspension Policy

  • If due to any reasons you are not able to use our service or you are not satisfied, then within 15 days from the date you take a subscription, written request should reach us to claim for refund of the subscription amount.
  • In case you wish to suspend your service for period longer than one month, you can do so by writing to our accounts team and getting their confirmation.
  • Due to any reason if you are not using our services during the subscription period and fail to inform our accounts team, RSSPL is not liable to refund you any amount for your non-usage of the service.

6. Liability

  • As computer hardware and software settings on your computer are complex in nature, we cannot guarantee that our service will work in all permutations & combinations.
  • There can be times when the software and or network at the NSE/BSE or our ISP may fail partially or completely. In that case RSSPL will not be held liable for any loss arising out of such disruption in this service.
  • RSSPL does not warrant that the supplied data will be error free or uninterrupted but only states that once such matters are brought to its attention it will as soon as practicable and using reasonable skill and care endeavour to correct the errors and overcome breakdowns or interruptions in the data up to the place of delivery.
  • If you materially breach any of the terms of this service, we may suspend / terminate the services, by giving you 10 days’ notice, in which case the unutilized service charges from the date of termination of the service will be refunded to you.
  • We are not providing any stock/futures recommendation to our customers, we are providing just timely market data and summarized/processed market data for customers to take their own decisions.
  • All strategy / analysis are done by the customer at their own risk. If any error in results of analysis done by the customer then he is solely responsible for that.
  • We will not give EMI facility for our Services for more than a year; even if subscription period is more than a year.

7. Rights

  • The company reserves the right to revise service charges from time to time & the same shall be notified to you accordingly.
  • RSSPL reserves the rights to remove / modify / amend any of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions without notice from time to time.

8. About data and client-side software in our Services

  • RSSPL gives you a personal, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive facility to use the client side software to facilitate viewing of data/information provided to you by RSSPL as part of the subscribed Services. This facility is for the sole purpose of enabling you to efficiently use and enjoy the benefit of the Services as provided by RSSPL, during the subscription of service, in the manner permitted by these terms. You may not copy, modify, reverse engineer, distribute, sell, or lease any part of our data or included application.
  • When a Service requires or includes downloadable data or application changes, this may update automatically on your computer once an update is available.
  • Once your subscription will end, the information that was visible during the subscription period will not be accessible to you and the client-side software will lose its core functionality.