RDAS - Reliable Data Access/Updates Service
You can depend on our reliable data service for your analytical platform. Our primary
and backup servers are available 24x7. Our data processing team and data monitoring
team is available during working time to support you.

Online Data Access / Live Updates -
Level 1 data (Timestamp, Open, High, Low, Last, Total Qty, Avg Rate snapshot every sec
or as & when traded) for all contracts traded on the respective exchange.

Current data and security/contract wise back fill is available.

Exchange/Segments available -
NSE - Equities
NSE - Futures & Options

Historical Intraday Data -
Minute wise summary data (Timestamp, Open, High, Low, Last, Total Qty, Avg Rate) of
pervious trading days. We provide historical intraday data from 100 days to
1000 days depending on your plan.

End of Day Data -
Day wise summary data (Date, Open, High, Low, Last, Total Qty, Total Value, Trades,
Delivery Qty/ Open Interest) for all instruments traded on the exchange.
Apart from the above exchange/segments following exchanges are available in EOD data.
NCDEX, SGX, Forex, World Indices

Corporate Actions -
Following information is updated as & when necessary.

1. Rights / Bonus / Splits / Dividends Adjustments

2. Rolling Contracts in Futures

3. Name Changes

4. Industry, Sector classification

5. Market Lot changes